Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heart Shaped Strawberry Cheesecake

I have been baking a lot of cheesecakes lately for testing purposes(as a side note, it looks like it's very easy to find people willing to eat my test cheesecakes). I'm hoping one day I'll have my own baking business, so I'm playing with the ingredients, flavors, shapes, textures etc.

8" (20 cm) cheesecake

~ 2.5"(6.4 cm) mini-cheesecakes and bite-size cheesecakes(~1.5" or 3.8 cm)

4" (10 cm) cheesecake


Nadji said...

Un beau cheesecake et certainement délicieux.
Bravo Angie.
A très bientôt

Angie said...

Merci, Nadji :)

Nely said...

Foarte frumos realizat! Sa ai noroc sa-ti deschizi propria afacere asa cum iti doresti! O zi cat mai placuta iti doresc!

DiaMar-bucataria galbena said...

O multime de bunatati aici la tine.Pup!