Monday, October 5, 2009

Porthos and me

My dogue de bordeaux puppy is growing very fast. He is exactly 12 weeks old today and 30 lbs! The color of his eyes is changing, the color of his coat is changing...wellll...he's become a big boy :)


Anonymous said...

Well your dog is going to be a cutie!
How much will he weigh when full grown?
I'm going to try your apple pizza for Sunday dinner desert. I hope it turns out well.

kittytweedy said...

Hi there!
Well, Porthos' dad was 160 lbs,so Porthos might turn out to be pretty big too. If we neuter him too early though (6 months), he won't get as big as his dad because it is the testosteron that makes them build that muscle mass.

I hope your apple pizza will turn out ok:) I make it very is easy and fast to make, and it is delicious. This recipe it is an adaptation of Barefoot Contessa's French Apple Tart.The recipe you find it here:
Hope you enjoy it :)

Abonti Ferdous said...

Awww! Your puppy is the cutest! I have a Dogue De Bordeaux too but it's a little younger than yours i also have a lab Shadow ( i posted pics of him yesterday) and 2 golden retrievers Harley and Hunter and a English Mastiff so as you an imagine we have a big family! Porthos is just too adorable!! Please post some more pictures of the cutie!