Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strawberries...and more (II)

Because I had a lot of strawberry sauce leftover I had to do something with it...and I made strawberry shortcakes trifles! I had never made a shortcake before and it was hard to decide which recipe to try out of the thousands recipes I found online.

Now, these are pictures of the shortcake cookies:


ANCA said...

so yummmyyy !Angie de unde ai cumparat formele ?

kittytweedy said...

Au fost destul de greu de gasit.Ma enerveaza ca Bed,Bath&Beyond nu le are...Le-am gasit la un magazinas mic ascuns printre case. Cineva mi-a spus de magazinasul asta...e specializat in produse de copt si decorat torturi, cupcakes etc. Deci n o sa gasesti oale si cratiti acolo, in schim au tot felul de tavi si forme si chestii de decorat...ohh,e o minunatie. As vrea sa am toate tavile si formele alea de le au acolo. Am aflat de un alt magazin spcializat pe astfel de produse si o sa ma duc curand si acolo:)