Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Caramel sauce (RECIPE)

As I said, we only need sugar,water,heavy cream,vanilla extract, a pinch of salt and very little butter (optional).
We need 1 and 1/2 cups sugar, 1/3 cups water,
1 and 1/cups heavy cream. THAT'S IT!

So, we put the sugar in a sauce pan.
GENTLY pour the water over the sugar. You do not want to splash sugar on the walls of the pan.

Turn on the heat on low and cook it until the sugar dissolves. DO NOT STIR to make the sugar melt faster. It is very important to leave the sugar alone at this time. Once it all melts, you can stir;)

Once the sugar is dissolve you can insert the candy thermometer and you can stir whenever you feel the caramel needs to be stirred. 

From this point on, do not leave the caramel unattended. It can burn easily within seconds.

The original recipe says to let the caramel reaches 350 F degrees, but to me that seemed too much.I took it off heat when it reached 330 F and looked like this:

Take the pan off heat, pour the heavy cream and be careful as the mixture is going to bubble up and need to get burned. Return the pan to heat and cook it for another 2-5 minutes until the caramel melts into the heavy cream.

Take the pan  off the heat. The caramel is going to look very thin and runny. Don't will thicken up a lot as it cools down.

You can add butter if you want to while it is still warm.

And this is how it looks when it cools down:

My husband has a lot of caramel with his apples:


Nadji said...

Magnifique recette.
Je note pour l'essayer bientôt.
Bon weekend.

kittytweedy said...

Bon weekend Nadji:)