Friday, December 25, 2009


I love eclairs!Just love them! For the Christmas party I made around 50 and thank God I "hid" 10 for me otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to taste any because they "dissapeared" very fast. I made the vanilla cream filling on Wednesday night after I came for work was like 11 pm when I got home and it was like 2 am when I was done, then I made the eclair shells in the morning (among with an apple cake tatin but I didn't get to take pictures of it). 18 yolks and milk and cream and sugar and butter and vanilla seeds..yummooo, that filling is good to eat by itself! I also made a New York Style cheesecake, but didn't get to take a picture of it either and I wish I did because it came out just perfect! Probably I wouldn't have gotten to take any pictures of the eclairs either if I hadn't put away some for me :D.
Btw...I kept the "ugliest" eclairs for me and took the nicest ones to the party but...oh boy, once they get in my mouth they sure ain't ugly no more cause they are sooo good!

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