Thursday, July 8, 2010

Berry Pie

I love pie! Blackberry-raspberry pie is my favorite by far and so it's my husband's.
Maybe the pie is soo good because I get the berries "drunk" with framboise (which is French raspberry liqueur), German raspberry liqueur, Grand Marnier, blackberry liqueur and Jamaican spiced rum. Hehe, if the alcohol in that pie wouldn't cook off during baking, I'd get a little "happy"eating that pie :D
 I always use fresh or frozen berries, never from a can (unfortunately, I hate most canned stuff)!Sugar to taste, a little tapioca flour, and freshly grated nutmeg..oh, and a little of the forever secret ingredient: love!
I make my own pie crust, needless to say....
Unfortunately, I forgot my precious pie under the broiler and it got a little too brown on top..ohh welll...we ate it all:)


Lazaro Cooks! said...

That pie looks so inviting. Great photo. Who wouldn't want a slice or three.


kittytweedy said...

Thanks Lazaro :)